Why and When Should You Choose the Enclosed Car Carrier Shipment?

January 15, 2022 by No Comments

Why Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport? | TCI Logistics Blog

Whenever you need the help of an automobile shipping company for vehicle transit, you will be provided with many options including open carrier transport or closed carrier transport of your automobile. You will choose a closed carrier option for transportation of exotic cars, expensive vehicles, and other such automobiles that require extra safe shipping options. 

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Enclosed carrier shipping 

Not everyone chooses enclosed carrier car shipping for all kinds of cars. However, here are some automobiles that exclusively require closed carrier shipment. 

  • Luxury vehicles 
  • Exotic vehicles 
  • Custom vehicles 
  • Classic vehicles 
  • Antique vehicles 

As the name says, enclosed carrier transportation of the car means your can will be shipped in an enclosed carrier. This option is entirely different from the normal open carrier shipping as the carriers offer extra protection to the car from all kinds of external influences during their transit. Hence, your cars will get the feel of flying first-class in their journey. 

The possible charges for the enclosed carrier transportation will be slightly higher than the open carrier transportation. You will be paying an extra amount of 40% more than the actual charges for an open carrier shipment in this case. 

Types of closed carrier transportation 

Closed carrier transportation is available in many options. They are, 

  • Soft-sided 
  • Hard-sided 
  • Multi-car 
  • Single car 
  • Two-car liners 

When compared to the charges of all these above-mentioned enclosed carrier types, the multi-car closed trailers is the cheaper option for all kinds of cars, as it can carry up to 7 cars at a time. 

Benefits of enclosed car shipment 

Here are some of the benefits of enclosed car shipment. 

  • Keeps the merchandise safe 

Some of the rare and even expensive types of cars require as much care and concern as possible during their shipment from one location to another. This is when the enclosed carrier option comes in handy. 

  • Specialized services 

Enclosed trailers will be designed with drip pans to capture the transmission fluids. These drip pans will be installed between the lower and the upper levels in the enclosed trailers. You can expect a white-gloves type of service from the drivers of the enclosed trailers. 

  • Ideal for the low clearance vehicles 

For some of the cars that have low clearance, the enclosed trailers are designed with separate types of ramps and gates for easy loading and unloading without damaging their lower body part. The vehicles will be loaded into the trucks rather than driven inside the trailers. 

If you own some special kind of automobile and need the best transportation services, then enclosed trailers are the best choice. Check for the car shipping companies that offer the best closed-carrier transportation services for you and book one immediately.