Vehicle Repair Prices: Jiving the Talk, Jacking the Cost

October 13, 2020 by No Comments

The automotive market is gradually expanding its vocabulary. For many years service customers were familiar with such greetings as “Yeah, wudda ya want?” Or such in-depth diagnostic explanations as “It’s all regulated set!” The is learning it can’t pull off this “Joe’s Garage mentality” and services information. Exactly what the industry is familiar with would be to pack its vocabulary with value–real or fabricated.

Most service facilities obtain the repair description in the specialist. An average technician’s description of the repair is very brief. He might write: “Altered oil.” If your are lucky, he might add, “and filter” too. To have an oil change this is usually a adequate description to warrant the $29.95.

However, let’s say there is a significant diagnostic problem like a vehicle not shifting gears correctly? Let’s say the specialist determines the automobile requires a new transmission for $3700. An account stating: “Replaced trans,” for any whopping $3700 doesn’t justify the cost–it does not show the worth.

To be certain, most shops still practice abbreviated descriptions however, the sharper

ones have found the need for jive talk. Jive talk is technical jargon accustomed to embellish the

repair or service description to inflate the cost.

Some jive talk is justifiable, as today’s cars are extremely technical. Here is a description that shows

the worth for transmission diagnostics and substitute:

Customers Complaint: Vehicle consistently hesitates when shifting between first and

second gears.

Cause/Description: (Specialist notes)

The First Step: Road tested vehicle. Mileage documentation 5 miles: 37,455 to 37,460. Confirmed customer’s concern. Vehicle isn’t shifting correctly between third and fourth gears. Performed fundamental and visual inspections: no indications of exterior damage, transmission fluid neat and full, exterior conditions normal.