Tips For Successful Record Label Submissions

June 30, 2022 by No Comments

When submitting to record labels, you want to make sure that your music fits the style, genre, and artist roster of the label. In addition, it should be personalized to the label, conform to the label’s demo policy, and use the proper format and contact information. Listed below are some helpful hints for successful submissions. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some tips for successful record label submissions. To maximize your chances of being accepted, submit your music as early as possible.

First, try to get in touch with the right person at the record label. Try searching for an email address on their website or using a third-party management system. If possible, contact friends of the label’s A&R, as personal connections can go a long way. Keep in mind that you may not get a response from a major label if you’re an unknown. In addition, make sure to have a strong track record.

Next, avoid sending the same track to multiple labels. Sending the same track to several labels is awkward and can look imitative. Try writing lots of new music before sending your submission. When submitting multiple tracks, include an interesting subject line that catches the A&R’s attention. In general, a good subject line will get your submission opened. Don’t send more than 3 tracks at a time, and be sure to send the best one.

A cover letter is an important part of your music submission. It’s crucial that it’s short and includes some quotes from other artists or media outlets. While your cover letter should not be a press release, it’s best to include some information that proves you’re committed to pursuing a career in music. For example, if your cousin works at the label, mention it in your cover letter. It might also be helpful to reach out to a friend, relative, or other musician who is associated with the label.

Before you send your music to record labels, be sure to research their policies regarding submissions. Don’t send unoriginal or unmastered material to record labels. Make sure your demo is properly mixed and mastered. Ask for feedback from industry contacts. Ensure your tracks are submitted in the format the record label prefers and are labelled correctly. Some record labels require MP3 files while others prefer streaming links. The format are also important.

It’s important to remember that record labels don’t expect you to pay top dollar for a recording session. Recording apps don’t sound as good as recording in a $1000 studio. A phone on a drum set or a PA system is not as good as a professional studio. If you’re a singer, avoid using autotune or over-mastering. While you’re working on your demo, consider the volume of submissions to a record label.

Lastly, a record label submission should contain a single great song, and two additional good songs. It’s best to submit three or four songs, because most people won’t listen to more than three. After all, they’re too busy. You don’t want to waste their time listening to twelve songs when you don’t know which one to pick. If you have multiple good songs, your demo will stand out from the crowd and get the attention of record labels.

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