Questions commonly asked on asbestos and its lessening

July 12, 2021 by No Comments

Did you know asbestos is responsible for at least 500 deaths annually? Human beings stand a high chance of developing diseases once exposed to the matter which calls for the increased awareness on the public on how to handle asbestos should you find it at your home. First of all, it is all about where it is located at your house and whether it is safe to leave it there or have it removed professionally. While this was a common material in the 90s during construction, it is now illegal to use the same and only old buildings can be found to have its residues. The following are some commonly asked questions by the public when it comes to dealing with asbestos testing.

Identification hacks

Asbestos can be very minute to be seen by the naked eye however it is mostly greyish and whitish in color when observed. A number of strategies can be used to find out the presence of asbestos but when done by professionals. This is the reason home owners are advised to follow the guides given in sampling the air, water, soil and building materials that they suspect to harbor asbestos for testing. Once you have collected a clear sample, you should send it to professionals after double bagging it and wait for the results on whether the asbestos is really there or not.

Should employers protect their employees from potential asbestos?

Supposing your work area could potentially subject you to asbestos, and then it is upon your employer to give you the necessary protection against the same. There are a number of safe procedures that employers can take to priorities the safety of their employees. Provision of protective gear is the first step that one must undertake. The tools of work must also be chosen wisely to ensure that the work you do does not increase your exposure to the asbestos debris. Power tools are for instance discouraged when working in asbestos filled regions as this could amplify chances of breathing the matter in and hence worsening your health without knowing.

Is certification enough for proof of training

Legally, there are no requirements that asbestos surveyor experts must produce their proof of training however this remains useful for the customers that may have doubts about hiring an expert. The market currently has a lot of fraud which is why professionally trained experts will not dilly dally to give you the quality academic and training credentials to prove to you that they are worthy of the contract to help you with your asbestos problem.

How do I renew my asbestos license?

Once your license expires, you can get it renewed from the relevant bodies in your state. HSE websites can come in very handy for those that want to seek renewal. There is however professionals who choose to train once again in order to update their set of skills before asking for recertification. Regardless of the options you choose, a quality license will always make work easier for you as it differentiates you from the scammers posing as experts in the industry.