Four different ways of drinking Single malt scotch whisky

July 1, 2022 by No Comments

If you are not a teetotaler, then single malt Scotch whisky will surely be your first choice on the list of hard-drinks.  

Having this drink not only defines your culture and taste but also your class, as it falls in the premium segment.

Different Ways to enjoy Single malt  

To enjoy this drink you can choose four different ways to taste it.

  1. The neat style of drinking, also known as the Scottish style, does not allow any mixture to this drink. You will not require any ice. Pure whisky and nothing else.
  1. Large ice cubes added to your drink dilute its concentration leading to fading of its original flavor. This way of drinking is also known as On the Rock.
  1. Adding one or two drops of water helps to unlock the aroma of the drink, thereby adding character to it. This process helps to arrest the flavor of your single malt drink.
  1. This drink is strong in taste. So to reduce it, you can add soda, orange zest, or lemon zest to make it more aromatic and tasty.

Curing time for this whisky

The age of the drink also ensures its taste. Usually, you get 12, 15, or 18 years as the curing time mentioned on the exterior label of the bottle. If you have just started to drink single malt, then go for those bottles where 12 years is mentioned. It will be lighter to taste, and you can slowly adapt to the higher levels of curing available for this drink.

This drink has become a cult not only for corporates and millennials but across all generations. Being a classic drink, you can have it after food to aid your digestion.

A cigar with this drink will make it a deadly combination that you can’t ignore.

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