Benefits of OSHA Safety Consultation Services

March 15, 2022 by No Comments

OSHA safety consultation services are funded by the federal government to help employers identify hazards, improve their safety management systems, and qualify for exemption from routine inspections. These consultations are typically on-site but there are some limited services that can be performed away from the worksite. Because consultations must be conducted before the government can issue an enforcement citation, some employers may be hesitant to request the assistance. Nevertheless, these services can help you avoid costly fines and other penalties.

A consultation is a process whereby an employer can request a review of their workplace. The consultant will conduct a thorough site assessment and walk through the worksite. If the consulting process is successful, the employer will receive a written report and outline of abatement periods for the hazards. The benefits of hiring a consultation service include avoiding lawsuits and minimizing costs. Aside from improving employee safety, also improves management and company operations.

The consultation process is voluntary and requires an employer to request it. Once a consultation is requested, a consultant will contact the employer and discuss the concerns. After assessing the risks to the employees, the consultant will then schedule a visit based on the priority assigned to the request and the time needed to prepare for the inspection. Once the review is complete, the employer will receive a written report detailing the issues identified. It will also outline an abatement period if there are serious hazards.

A consultation can help employers identify hazardous conditions and implement an employee safety program. Once an employee safety program is implemented, the consultant can help companies develop an effective program to improve the health of employees. 

A consultant with five years’ experience in the health and welfare field is eligible for the Consultation’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program. Once a site has achieved this recognition, it is eligible for additional benefits and exemptions from OSHA inspections. If a consultation is requested, a business owner must commit to addressing serious safety risks.

A consultation is a voluntary process that requires an employer to commit to making changes to their workplace. The consultants provide a detailed report and recommendations about the hazards and recommended measures. They also help employers understand their obligations and help them comply with OSHA’s requirements. In addition to providing consultation, they also provide training in health and safety management. 

The consulting process starts with a telephone call or written request. Once the consultant visits the workplace, the consultant will schedule a site visit based on the severity of the hazards. If serious hazards are found, the firm will be required to rectify the problems. The consultant will also give the employer an outline of the abatement period.

For companies that are interested in consultation services, they can fill out a consultation form and request the service. The consultant will visit the site and evaluate the hazards present in the workplace. If the workplace is not safe enough to implement the recommendations, the consultant will work to make it safer. The consultant will also develop a safety program for the company and train workers. The only requirement is that the company take action to correct unsafe conditions and provide training to employees.