You Can Eat Them – But can you smoke shrooms Also?

November 2, 2021 by No Comments

There is now a wide variety of natural substances that are used for medical and psychedelic purposes nowadays that are available to purchase in the online market. And when it comes to popularity, the one that stands out is none other than the magic mushrooms, or simply known as “shrooms”.  

Given the fact that they have a lot of benefits and effects that are highly beneficial to the user, it is no longer surprising that shrooms have been a consistent favorite among people in the present.

How are shrooms commonly consumed? Most of the time, shrooms can be taken in the form of edibles, or as an ingredient that can be added to regular food. But with the continuous expansion of the industry, there are more and more ways to consume this wonderful plant. One of which is none other than through smoking them.

Yes, Shrooms Can Be Taken Through Smoking Them

You might start asking yourself – can you smoke shrooms? Believe it or not, you can do so. This method might not be as popular as the method of using shrooms as edibles or by eating them in various ways, but it does not mean that the said method is non-existent, as there are more and more people who are taking shrooms into their bodies smoking them.

When you log on to the most well-known shrooms shops online, you will start to notice that there is an increasing number of sales of these dried shrooms that do not look like they are meant to be eaten. These are the ones that are used for smoking purposes.

With that said, you are now probably wondering – are the effects and benefits of shrooms being smoked just the same as the use of the shrooms being taken as food? The answer here is yes.

There may be some differences in terms of the amount, type, and length of time that they will last, but in the overall sense, they are just the same. After all, they are still just the same shrooms that everyone has known ever since.

Planning to Smoke Shrooms? Then You Better Know How to Do It

Now that you know that shrooms can be smoked and you can get the same benefits and effects as the edible shrooms to a certain degree, you are probably thinking of taking shrooms through smoking them. In that case, how can you smoke shrooms?

Based on what most shroom smokers commonly do, shrooms can be smoked in the same way as you normally smoke a joint. What you need to do is take dried shrooms and grind them into small pieces. After that, get a tobacco paper and wrap the ground dried shrooms in it, before rolling it and sealing it to enclose the roll.

You need to use dried shrooms when you are planning to smoke them because wet or moist shrooms would not release the maximum effects upon being used in smoking. The more dried the shrooms, the better the benefits and effects they would release when smoked.