Baccarat: How To Play The Game to Increase Your Bankroll

February 25, 2022 by No Comments

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Players worldwide enjoy the intriguing game of บาคาร่า. It is not about tuxedos and bond-style dramatic in real life. But the several appearances on the silver screen has added to the popularity of this fantastic game. From the famous exclusive high-end high-stakes room of Monte Carlo Casino to the mini-baccarat games on online casinos. 

How to Play the Baccarat Game:

Baccarat is doubtlessly the first game that comes to mind when learning to play gamble or for beginners. The game revolves around the value of the cards. Whoever outnumbers the value of the card out of the players and banker wins the bet. All the face cards have a value of zero, while the number cards have the value of their respective numbers. Each hand is drawn with either 2 or 3 cards in each hand. So the winner has to get as close to a total of nine. Suppose if the player gets a total of more than number nine, ten is deducted from the total. The highest hand in the game is a total of 9. A total of number nine is termed as a natural in the game. It is similar to blackjack but only doesn’t go in overbust. 

Type Of Bets That Are Placed In Baccarat:

The game of Baccarat is quite easier to understand and get the hang of. On the online platforms, it becomes even easier to learn and play Baccarat because the dealer or the algorithm is the one shuffling the cards. There are three types of bets that are placed in the game that one is supposed to know to learn Baccarat. These are the three types:       

  1. Banker Bet: 

As in the many games of online gambling, the house is always the winner in the end. Somehow or the other the house is the one making money. This bet often plays in favor of the banker. The banker gets an edge of 1.06% against the winning odds. The players must pay a commission to the banker for every win. Mostly the commission is set at 5% in the casinos.

  1. Player Bet: 

The Player bet, as the name suggests is the bet placed on the player winning the hands. The player has a winning edge of 1.06%. The winning hand has to give commission to the banker, so the value remains essentially the same.

  1. Tie Bet: 

The house edge on this particular bet is set at 14.36%. But the expert gamblers suggest not to take this bet as the odds of winning against this bet are very low. 


Is it easy to learn the game? Yes. Should you keep placing bets on the game even if you’re losing? No. There is a thin line between understanding the game and becoming an expert at winning the bets. Baccarat is a fun and interactive game that lets the player enjoy the odds of winning a lot more than other traditional games of gambling. Baccarat is a fast game like blackjack and therefore is very popular among people. Especially given the current online gambling popularity, the game has become a more intoxicating choice for the bettor to play.