What You Should Know About the Golden Teacher Mushroom

October 16, 2021 by No Comments

You have probably heard of cannabis and the many ways that people use them for recreation. But have you heard about mushrooms before? Of course, everyone knows mushrooms, but what about mushrooms that have psilocybin in them?

These are mushrooms that have a psychedelic component in them. They aren’t the same as the mushrooms that you add to cooking and consume regularly. They’re the ones that you see on a mushroom pizza. But just what are they? Read more to find out.

The Uses and Effects of Mushrooms

Mushrooms can alter ones sensory perceptions. You can say that they are similar to cannabis in this effect. The only difference is, the effect of mushrooms seems to be more striking. You take these dry, in powder form or as tea. Mushrooms take about an hour to take effect and they can then last for four to six hours in the body.

Taking mushrooms helps to slow down your perception. This means that everything you see around you appears to be moving or melting. In some cases, you see distorted shapes and you won’t even be able to tell time. Sometimes, you also feel like you’re not yourself anymore.

Some people also experience increased heart rates. Some have felt numb, euphoric, anxious, and extremely twitchy. The body temperature starts fluctuating and you can’t even seem to feel your face anymore.

What Does the Golden Teacher Strain Do for You?

The golden teacher mushroom is a kind of mushroom strain that offers you a mildly high and  psychedelic effect. This is one of the best options for those who haven’t tried mushrooms before. These are also popular for their somewhat “Shamanistic” type of properties which makes this even more interesting.

When taking these mushrooms, you start feeling enlightened. It would seem like you are closer to nature and that you start understanding your mind and spirit more. This is something that you’d want to start taking compared to other stronger mushroom strains available.

This is the kind of strain that grow even when they’re in less optimal conditions. It means that they are very resilient and easy to grow. This is why many growers appreciate the strain which is also a good option to try for first-time growers.

Compared to other psilocybes, this mushroom doesn’t bear as much fruit. But since they are very resilient and can keep constant growth they have become a favorite of many. This is also one of the most widely distributed mushroom strains in the market.

Are You Ready to Take Mushrooms?

If it’s your first time taking mushrooms, then this should be your first choice. This strain is very mild but at the same time can give you the kick and the experience that you want. Even growers themselves like this mushroom very much because of how simple it is to grow them.

This strain has been available for many years now. They’re sometimes even called the spiritual classic which was available in the market for years. The mushrooms come in the medium as well as large sizes having wide caps that are specifically for spore printing.