What Is Hit Frequency In Online Slot Games

January 18, 2022 by No Comments


If you play slot games, you might notice how specific slots have more chances to form the winning combination than others. It does not mainly depend on your luck, but the hit frequency of the game. Slots are programmed in different ways, but we ignore to think about it because we prefer to watch the spinning reels to earn some cash. 

Factors like the RTP and volatility affect the hit frequency of the game. Nevertheless, it is essential to know how often you can expect a win. You can win your first jackpot from your favorite slot games available on the website เครดิตฟรีpg.

What is hit frequency?

The hit frequency of a slot machine indicates how often the machine is likely to produce a winning combination. For example, if you play on a machine with a hit frequency of 13%, the machine will show a winning combination 13% of the time. 

Factors of hit frequency 

  1. Volatility

The tendency of how long a slot game rewards its players is termed volatility. Both hit frequency and volatility tie up and represent the game’s reward structure. When volatility comes, we discuss how much and how often the slot pays on a smaller level than the total average payout. Volatility is categorized into two parts.

  • High volatility- If the game is highly volatile, it may go for longer periods without rewarding the player a significant amount.
  • Low volatility- The payout will be more often in a low volatile game but have a lower value to repay the increased winning rate.
  1. Return to Player percentage (RTP)

RTP is the essential element in a slot game. RTP contains the total percentage of all money that pays to all players. However, the portion of the money paid out is consistently lower than the amount players bet. One can easily judge the game by their RTP. If the RTP is higher, the slot will have a higher payout.

We can see how both RTP and volatility represent the odds of winning in the short and long term, respectively. 

Can the hit frequency be misleading?

Indeed hit frequency is useful, but it can be misleading sometimes. Hit frequency does not give you an idea of pay lines or ways. It represents your odds of getting payout once or more in a match. For example, you are playing a game that offers you 10,000 ways and a hit frequency of 40%. You can surely win one prize out of four in every ten spins. But you do not know the pay lines you can expect in every spin.

Hit frequency is a useful figure that shows your chances of payout in each round. However, no game developer displays your odds of winning in the game info section. It would be helpful if they did in the future.