What Are the Different Types and Purpose of Cemetery Plaques?

September 11, 2021 by No Comments

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The wide availability of cemetery plaques might make it difficult for you to choose the right one. Several cemetery plaques are present depending on various elements. The choice of cemetery plaques also depends on the size, limit, colour, material and many others. When you are departing your loved ones, it’s not possible to compromise on the quality and types of cemetery plaques. The cemetery is based on several factors. There are many categories of the cemetery, and each one of them offers a specific purpose. First, let us talk about the purpose of the cemetery.  

What is the Purpose of Cemetery Plaques?

The cemetery has been used for centuries to bury the deceased one. It has various religious, cultural, traditional, and believes values. The cemetery can be designed based on your religion, culture and other factors affecting your choice. However, you must remember that you should always enquire about the criteria, eligibility and other specifications from the memorial park to conduct a proper cemetery service.

There are various cemeteries present to help bury your loved ones. Memorial parks, monumental cemeteries, religious cemeteries and other cemeteries are offered by different bodies. The main purpose of having the cemetery plaques is to help the family identify the grave of their loved ones. It also helps the coming generation to remember about their grandparents and forefathers. Moreover, if you don’t set up a cemetery, the buried place would be considered abandoned and other people might vandalize it. When you choose the type of headstone, it is essential to select the highly durable one. Only then, you can help the coming generation to identify the grave of their grandparents.

What are the Different Types of Cemetery Plaques?

After talking about the purpose, let’s move on to different cemeteries available for you. You can choose the one which fits your requirements. Let’s get started!

  • The first one is the monumental cemetery, which is a traditional style and is also the first choice of many people. It includes upright headstones.
  • In the memorial park cemetery, the headstone is built at lawn level to give the natural park look to all the graves.
  • The Garden cemetery looks like a natural garden, which often includes incorporating the botanical garden.
  • A religious cemetery is operated by a group of people following a particular religion and offer cemetery service.
  • Owned by local authorities or cities, the municipal cemetery offers the cemetery service to all the people living in the same city or neighbourhood.
  • Natural burials are considered environment-friendly, as they have minimum impact on the environment by their types of rituals and rites.
  • Another type of cemetery is green burial grounds. It is also a type of natural burial ground that is monitored and regulated consistently.
  • Veterans Affairs cemetery is also another cemetery that is owned and operated by the Veterans Affairs Administration.
  • The next one on the list is a graveyard, which is typically attached to a church or a place having religious importance.
  • The last one is family burial grounds that are owned by a particular family to use for all their deceased family members.