The Various Advantages Of Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries

December 19, 2022 by No Comments

The popularity of trolling motors among the fisherman is unquestionable. These motors have made these fishermen reach the fish stocks at moderate depths far from shore. Thus it is imperative to choose the right Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries

Benefits of Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries


Trolling boats are available in different shapes and sizes. When it is a big boat, then the weight does not matter much, but when the boat is small, then weight becomes an essential factor. The other accessories on the boat, such as canoe, skiff, bay boat, bass boat, or skiff, can make a huge difference, and when there is already so much stuff on the boat, it is advised not to add any much of unnecessary weight. 

So people recommend using a motor of as minimum weight as possible. The average AGM or gel cell battery weight is around 60 lbs – 70 lbs. In contrast, the average weight of the Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries is only 24.9, which is significantly less in comparison to the other batteries. People on the boats can substantially save weight while using upto three batteries on the ship. This also helps reduce the pressure on the engine, and the weight reduction frees up space for other essential things.

Battery Life

When someone is on a ride in the waters on a bright summer day, the last thing they want to worry about is a dying battery. The happening of such situations is very common with storms, such as a lead acid battery. While using a lithium battery helps you stay out for a more extended period, so you can easily target the large stock of fish out there.

These Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries are like LightningVolt, which act as deep discharge models. This means the battery can easily use upto to the capacity of 95% without damage to the battery. Many times if the lead acid battery is discharged upto 50%, there is a very high chance it will get damaged. The Lithium Trolling Marine Batteriesalso provide a consistent voltage output until they get completely discharged.

Whenever you use a Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries, it is like you are carrying helpful everything, and there is no possibility of any dead weight. Also, these batteries can be charged for more time than the other traditional batteries without any chance of reduced runtime. Thus, when you use one Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries, you may use upto 10 AGM batteries.


These batteries are waterproof and have a grp size of 13. These features make them ideal marine batteries. These batteries can also be used for many other equipments besides trolling motors. These batteries are also suitable for fish finders, chart plotters, sonar, and shallow water anchors. These batteries are reliable and resilient. These batteries can also manage a long time on the waters. 

They can quickly work in extreme temperatures and efficiently perform better than traditional batteries, even when the water is below freezing. They can also be used in saltwater, which can be easily charged several times without the risk of any damage.